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Specialising in native plants for habitat restoration
in the Mount Alexander Shire

Frances Cincotta established Newstead Natives Nursery in 1999. Frances collects seeds and cuttings from remnant bushland areas within Shire of Mount Alexander in central Victoria and uses this material to propagate almost 200 species for local habitat restoration projects. Customers include Landcare and environmental groups as well as individual gardeners and farmers. Local native (or indigenous) plants are the best choice for supporting the local ecology, and they are likely to be successful as they are adapted to the local conditions including hot, dry summers and frosty winters. They do not need fertilising, or artificial watering after their first year in the ground.

For people wanting to purchase plants to restore or enhance biodiversity in other Shires, there is a network of indigenous nurseries, so seek out the one closest to your revegetation site. Returning the original plant species of local provenance encourages the flourishing of local birds and insects.

A range of non local native species (including many popular Emu Bushes) are propagated at Newstead Natives for gardens, and these plants are available for anyone to purchase, whereas the local provenance plants are destined for planting locally.

All 25,000 plants sold at Newstead Natives every year have been propagated on site and ‘hardened off’ outdoors before sale.  Most are in tubes, but some are available in larger and smaller sized containers. Display gardens surround Frances’ nursery and home, so that customers can see how different species perform in a garden setting.

The nursery is open by appointment from April to November which is the best time for planting out. Then Newstead Natives Nursery closes to customers for Summer  – seed collecting and propagation time for Frances.

Frances loves nature and shares her passion and knowledge with others. An active community member, she contributes to Landcare, environmental education and guided bushwalks.

Nursery open in planting season (April to November)

By appointment only

Phone:  (03)  5476 2691